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Chibitronics Circuit Stickers

We're licensed to sell circuit stickers from Chibitronics. 

Circuit stickers are a fun and simple way for students to learn about electronics and circuits in particular. The circuits simply peel off a backing and stick on to paper without the need for other equipment. It makes teaching electronics technology so much easier and enjoyable for students of all ages. Read more ...


School projects

On their website, Chibitronics have several ready-made school projects. Why not try these at your school? We can supply all the Chibitronics parts and deliver them promptly to your school. 

How are things connected? 

This project looks at switches and connections. Learn how a switch works. Build circuits with paper switches, and design an interactive light-up paper project.

What makes your world shine?

Learn about parallel and series circuits. Build a circuit with multiple lights, and design a light-up card.

Explore light effects

An introduction to microcontrollers. Design a light-up project with different light effects.

What makes you shine?

Learn key concepts about how a circuit works. Build a simple circuit on paper, and design a light-up name badge.

Energy with circuits

Create two forms of energy - wind and electrical. 

Light up your town

Combine geography with circuitry. Learn about local landforms and hazards in 3-D, and construct a circuit model of how electricity is supplied to your city.

Sketchbook Lesson

Students learn how to connect simple paper circuits using the Chibitronics Sketchbook. This comes with the Starter Kit (our product #2002).

* Batteries are not included with Chibitronics products. We recommend 3V coin cell battery (product listed below).



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